bYOU chameleon-sideOur goal at bYOU Publishing is to provide a businesses with high quality content that is trendy well thought out and most importantly attracts the your target audiences.

On the flip side of that, we give freelance writers a way to pick up additional work without having to hunt for clients. We manage a win/win relationship between the business and the writer guaranteeing payment for the writer and results for the client.


Meet Chaunna

IMG_6487-2Chaunna is our marketing maven here at bYOU. She leans on her strengths in business systems and digital advertising to build our network or businesses and writers bigger and better.

Before launching bYOU Publishing in early 2015, she built an in-demand online advertising agency alongside her husband – Justin Brooke. Together, they have generated billions of ad impressions, sold millions of dollars worth of products, been hired by dozens of millionaires, and built a highly sought after ad agency.

Chaunna’s bringing the same systems she used to build a successful ad agency over to bYOU where we use them to help freelance writers increase build an income while also helping advertisers reach their target customers.

ps. It’s pronounced “Shawna” 🙂

Meet Haleigh

haleighSee any resemblance? Yes, Haleigh is Chaunna’s little sis, but don’t think for one minute she doesn’t bring some ninja skills to the table. In 2013 she graduated with a degree in Film. Since then she’s work as a freelancer film editor building and managing youtube channels.

Here at bYOU, Haleigh is our in-house content manager. She uses her production skills to manage the day to day research and organization for articles written by our writers.



sistersTogether this awesome duo kicks up a mean marketing machine for the businesses and freelancers working with  bYOU Publishing. When they’re not chatting with writers, planning the editorial calendar,  publishing and marketing blogs you can find them at the movies, traveling the world or dying Chaunna’s hair the next new bright color  ☮ 🙂

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