69 Year Old Marketing Secret Has Been Making Millions for Those "In The Know"

What is this so called secret?

This technique has been done in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and it’s now crushing the internet. This secret technique I’m referring to is called an Advertorial.

An advertorial is quite simply an advertisement published as editorial content.  The advertorial is normally written as an unbiased (third party) article about your product or service and is designed to fit in with all other content in that medium. It’s a blog post that is crafted to be informative so that the reader feels they’ve stumbled across a solution to their problem, but persuasive enough to click through to the next page.

As a result, readers eagerly consume, save, and even share the advertorials because they perceive them as being more credible — which also translates into more effective advertising.

In print, it looks like any other article written by the publisher. In television, this would be considered an infomercial or even an interview segment presenting a product or service. In radio, an advertorial can take the form of a discussion between the special guest and the announcer. On the web, it LOOKS like a typical blog post but it’s not just some $15 article that magically converts readers into buyers.

Why do you need one?

Have I mentioned yet that it’s just more effective at converting “cold” website visitors into “warm” leads? We’ve been actively testing and teaching about promoted content for more than two years now on youtube and at events like Underground, SuperFastBusiness Live, and  Traffic & Conversion Summit. But, you don’t have to trust me to tell you this… big brands are already using advertorials and are seeing big results:

  • A native ad play by car maker Mini Cooper on Buzzfeed resulted in a 33 percent brand lift. (source)
  • A native advertising play by GE resulted in 416,000 click-throughs–a CTR of 8 percent. Display advertising CTR average in at 0.19 percent. (source)
  • By 2017, social native ad spend will grow to $4.57 billion, and its share of social spending will inch up a few percentage points to 41.7 percent. (source)

Consumers are 25% more likely to look at a native ad than at a banner,
and they look at them 53% more frequently.–CMO.com


The Evolution Of The Advertorial







“It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look, and read.” –David Ogilvy


You have probably already encountered numerous advertorials without noticing, which is the true goal of the content.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to be a big brand with a huge marketing budget to really cash in on the benefits of advertorials. These content pieces level the playing field for newer companies with smaller marketing departments. All you need is a high quality content piece that is shareworthy and a small marketing budget to fuel put that content in front of your target audience.

An advertorial done right with a small daily ad spend will get viral shares on popular content sites like Facebook and Pinterest. When the content gets pinned, repinned, and shared, you get more clicks to your article without it costing you more (unlike traditional paid ad campaigns).

So what makes a good advertorial?

  1. Researching your market to see what’s already popular and trendy so that you’re perceived as current (and credible) to your audience.
  2. Writing a high quality content piece that is crafted to be informational and persuasive so that it still sends visitors to find out more about your product or service.
  3. Creating shareworthy graphics formatted for popular networks like Pinterest and Facebook that will encourage the share and get more clicks to your content.

Never Hire A $20 Writer To Write A $1,000,000 Ad

The trick to success with these content pieces is not treating them as any other content you can fluff up and put on your blog for SEO rankings. That’s not the type of content you’re looking for here.

This also means that the typical $20-$50 article writer isn’t going to be able to accomplish what these advertorials are doing for big brands. You want to have a researched, crafted, and effective piece of content. The content in your advertorial creates a persuassive asset for your business that has the potential to make millions.

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An Asset Worth Millions For Less Than $1000

We thought long and hard about the price of this service. Obviously, these are much different than $20 blog posts.

First, we messaged our peers and past customers. The range they said they would pay was all over the place from $500 to $2,000. It takes about 30 combined man hours hours for each one of these articles to be researched, outlined, written, reviewed, revised, and delivered.

We felt that $995 was a great price point because that works out to around $30/hour. Which is an extremely fair price for hiring copywriters.

For that $30/hour you’re getting a team of experts working hard to produce your next marketing asset. An asset that used correctly could be worth millions.

If you think of it like a blog post, $995 is huge. However, it is NOT a blog post. It’s designed to look like one, but it is a strategically written sales tool.

It cannot be written by a normal blog writer. It must be written by someone who is trained in direct response copywriting who ALSO has knowledge of blog writing. There is a delicate balance of persuasion and education that has to be perfectly executed for these to work.

Our clients that are using these, are using them in ad campaigns bringing in thousands of dollars per day and millions per year.

That’s why we believe these advertorials are a steal for only $995.

In fact we implore you to try and find a better offer that matches the quality of our advertorials. We know you’ll be back and you’ll see that our offer can’t be matched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is space limited?

Currently it takes our team about 25 hours to research and write each advertorial and we can normally complete 3 per week. We should note that our writers only have so many hours in the day and would still like to see their families at night, so once we reach our weekly max,  your article would be scheduled for the following week. When you click “buy now,” one of our team members will give you a projected delivery date based on our current workload. If you see a “sold out” button instead of a buy now button, that means we’re currently booked out for the next 3 weeks. We’ll replace the buy now button when we can rapidly process your order.

I’ve purchased sales letters from copywriters and that can take weeks. How can you get these done in just 10 days?

We’re NOT writing a sales letter. In fact, you shouldn’t expect this article to make sales directing from the advertorial. A good advertorial acts as a microwave for your traffic. It should convert cold visitors into warm prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. THEN they click through to your sales page or lead generation page that “converts” the prospect into a customer or lead. This is simply a tool that attracts and maintains the attention of your web visitor better than a typical lead capture page or video sales letter.

Who are these a fit for and who is not? 

We will not, under any circumstance, write advertorials for fraudulent, blackhat, or questionable products. We also cannot write advertorials about adult products, weapons, religion, gambling, or drugs. We are looking for customers who have great products that enhance their customers lives. Markets that are a good fit include; health, fitness, finance, personal development, relationships, lifestyle, retail, software, and entertainment. Also, we are great at both B2C and B2B advertorials in case you need one or the other.

Space Is Limited… Get Your Advertorial Started Today!